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Tafel 3

over 8 years ago by Flavia


We are very happy to announce that Tafel3, our favorite Belgian startup, is up and running! Prototyped inside Take Off Labs, Tafel3 offers a beautiful interface which makes seat reservation in premier restaurants as easy as a couple of clicks. Tafel3 describes best their mission:

“Online access at premier restaurants with a significant discount. Table 3 enables you to discover new restaurants whereby you save on your restaurant visits. Table 3 takes you on a culinary journey. We offer a safe, fast and easy platform to book available seats in premier restaurants online. Reservations are confirmed immediately. Above all you can enjoy a significant saving of at least 20 % which is discounted discretely from your entire bill. This means no coupons or vouchers needed and absolute discretion assured. Discounts are calculated on the entire bill for the whole party, including (alcoholic) beverages. Furthermore you are completely free in what you order, as it should be!”

We wish Tafel3 good luck in growing the business and we are looking forward to using it in Switzerland as well!

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