Empowering Students’ Development: Our Success at Liga AC Labs

We had the privilege of participating for the second time in Liga AC Labs this spring, a fantastic project organized by Liga AC Timisoara. We were thrilled to be a part of it once again. The primary objective of this initiative is to bridge the gap between students and IT company representatives, allowing participants to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting. The project takes the form of ten weekly laboratories.

The response we received for our laboratory was overwhelming, with over 300 students submitting applications. It was a challenging task to select only 12 individuals out of such a talented pool. Our laboratory focused on the theme of “Creating an online store using Ruby on Rails” and our Software Engineering Manager, Andrei Rezban, was delighted to mentor and share his passion for development with these young minds.

Being a teacher for the first time, Andrei experienced some initial nerves. He said, “The teaching aspect was a bit challenging because I wasn’t always certain if the students fully grasped the instructions. However, they quickly realized that programming requires imagination and creativity.”

The students were enthusiastic about applying the knowledge they had acquired during their college studies. One student commented, “Compared to other courses or college itself, this laboratory was a much better learning experience considering how much we achieved in a relatively short period. Additionally, I appreciated Andrei’s attention to detail and his willingness to help us with our code-related challenges.”

After ten laboratories and a total of 20 hours of hard work, each student had the opportunity to present their projects in front of Take Off Labs representatives and CEO, Alex Tandrau. We were astounded by the remarkable accomplishments they had made within such a limited timeframe.

Alex Tandrau, the CEO of Take Off Labs, expressed his admiration, stating, “I am truly amazed by the work you all have accomplished in the past ten weeks. I can see tremendous talent, and the online stores you created are truly sophisticated. My advice to you is to continue refining and expanding your skills by consistently learning and seeking improvement.”

We consider Liga AC Labs to be a resounding success, and we eagerly await the next edition. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Liga AC for organizing such an extraordinary event.

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