Trust, freedom and growth – those are the three words Take Off Labs Senior Engineering Manager Alex Ardelean believes say it all about why working for our company is so special. 

Alex used them to sum up life at Take Off Labs during when interviewed about company culture at a key careers fair – Târgul de Cariere Cluj-Napoca – which attracted the rising stars of Romania’s IT scene.

Our unofficial Take Off Labs ambassador spoke of trust, freedom and growth when asked to pinpoint three words that best describe the way of working and the atmosphere in the company. 

Take Off Labs was honoured to be the main sponsors at Târgul de Cariere – Cluj Napoca which gives young people right across Romania vital advice and guidance so they can fulfil their potential. 

Alex, who has been a key part of the Take Off Labs team for six years since joining us as an intern, took centre-stage at the event to provide an insight into his experience within the company, how he has developed and the professional benefits of working for Take Off Labs.

Commenting on his Târgul de Cariere activity, Alex said: “It was an honour to represent Take Off Labs at the careers event and the level of interest in Take Off Labs was really inspirational. 

“And when I was asked to summarise what it is like to work at Take Off Labs the words ‘trust’, ‘freedom’ and ‘growth’ immediately sprang to mind because that we are all encouraged to get the best out of ourselves and supported to fulfil our potential and that of Take Off Labs.

“There was an incredible amount of enthusiasm for what Take Off Labs do and lots of curiosity about how we work behind the scenes, and everyone was impressed to learn we have the distinction of becoming the first company in Romania that was operating on a fully remote basis, even before the pandemic.”

Alex was “proud” to tell everyone about the wide range of benefits of working for Take Off Labs, including our flexible working arrangements, and how we support our new recruits to launch their careers through our intern programme.

Alex added: “The Târgul de Cariere event also confirmed that there are lots of incredibly talented young computer scientists who are keen to make their mark in our industry.

“But with so much competition I emphasised the need to make sure their applications are of the highest standard possible so they stand out, and they need to realise extra details could be vital. 

“My advice to all those who have finished or are in the process of finishing their studies at a specialized faculty such as computer science is to mention the faculty and the projects they worked on in their resume.

“But I also stressed that Take Off Labs appreciate and encourage the experience and knowledge people gain beyond universities because we strongly feel that you have to be open and always be happy to try new things.”