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Ideas, Products, Innovation - in Cluj-Napoca

over 4 years ago by Flavia


December turned out to be the month of ideas. We were very fortunate to join two beautiful events: Hermes Hackathon and Liber La Idei by Crestem Idei. Hermes Hackathon invited teams of students on a 24h sprint to come up and build innovative ideas towards a fully digital Cluj-Napoca. Liber la Idei invited the Romanian community to submit their own startup ideas and help future entrepreneurs view crowdfunding as a viable, sustainable funding source. 

Both events promoted entrepreneurship around our community in Cluj and were absolutely amazing. The participants took the opportunity to validate their ideas, to experiment with various technology stacks and have a good time with food and music. We helped the organizers and we also gave guidence to the participants when asked. It was incredibly gratifying to see the bud of creativity and innovation find its way to life.

Our message to the participants is that entrepreneurship is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Whether you win or not in a competition does not matter in the long run as long as you learn as much as you can from each experience. Entrepreneurship is a game of endurance, where the last man standing is the ultimate winner. It is simple to visualize how long it takes a tree to grow from seed to fruit bearing - a dozen years. Entrepreneurship is no different and one needs patience. In these days of December many seeds were planted and some of these seeds will be in time the great products and brands of Romania. Some will not make it, but even that process will be rewarding and a learning experience. Given how young all the participants are, time is not an issue. We are finding our way :).

Happy Holidays!





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