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over 7 years ago by Flavia
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March was a great month for Take Off Labs. You have probably seen photos and impressions from our event on Sunday. We now have even more exciting news! On March 1st we launched our first own software as a service product, HandicapServer.com. Since we have been working extensively in the golf software business in the past years, we noticed some of the needs golfers have. You’d be surprised how complex the golf sport is! One of the crucial aspects of golf which ensures fairness among players is the handicap index. This is a number which can be computed in various ways and it describes how good a golfer is. With our first product, we are offering a handicap index computation service. That is, we plan to collect all formulas for computing this key number. We started with the standard methods used in the US and the UK and we are now looking into the various custom methods golfers use. 

The pricing model for HandicapServer.com is $3/golfer for the entire season and the fee includes any kind of assistance golfers need in using our service. Today we received our first payment from a group of 75 golfers, so you can imagine we are all really happy!

Working at HandicapServer.com was so far invaluable. Talking and understanding customer needs not only help us build better software, but also help us understand better all our clients at Take Off Labs who seek our help to implement their ideas. 

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