Take Off Labs Goes Big On Search To Recruit Best New Talent

As you know, we like to think big here at Take Off – and so it seemed fitting that our search for new talent took us to the biggest building in the whole of Europe.

A Take Off Labs delegation headed to the magnificent Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest to take part in the IT&C Fair as part of our ongoing efforts to boost our team of engineers – and strengthen our position in the golfing world.

There is no bigger building anywhere in Europe than what is known locally as the ‘Palatul Parlamentului’ and for us it proved to be the perfect setting for one of the most popular careers fairs in Romania.

Our colleagues, the Take Off Labs team, reported back to say it was great to talk to everyone in person after such a long time of online meetings and everyone was keen to make up for lost time.

And not only were we really impressed by the caliber of young people who are ready to launch their IT careers, but we were really pleased that everyone was so enthusiastic about the work we do.

We recognise that it is only by attracting the most talented people that Take Off Labs will continue to thrive and that is why we participated in a total of four important spring career fairs.

Again, bearing in mind we do think big, we led a practice workshop organized by University of Babeș-Bolyai, which just so happens to be the biggest university in Romania! 

This year’s event was organized online, and we got to talk with students who are considering pursuing a career in IT. As well as sharing the story about Take Off Labs’ amazing journey, we answered lots of questions from inquisitive young people wanting to find out more about where we are going and how we’ll get there.

Take Off Labs are proud to have been the main sponsors of the Târgul de Cariere Cluj-Napoca for the fourth time and it’s great to see the event go from strength to strength – just like Take Off Labs.

 As well as meeting lots of smart new people, our colleague Mircea Ciuciu – Take Off Labs Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer – was centre-stage when he took part in a fascinating Q&A to share information about our growing presence in the golf industry.

And finally, last but by no means least, we also took part for the first time in the ‘Liga AC Labs’ project which is aimed at the students from in and around Timișoara and we have to say it was super. 

The aim of the project is to bring together students and representatives of IT companies, so that participants can apply what they learn in college. The project is carried out in the form of 10 weekly laboratories where George Marcus, our Senior Software Developer Manager, taught them how to build an app using ‘Ruby on Rails’. More than 160 students applied to join George in the IT challenge and the quality of work was brilliant.

It’s looking like 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for Take Off Labs already but the four careers fairs we’ve participated in show the long-term future is really bright for Take Off Labs and for the IT industry here in Romania as a whole.