Take Off Labs Virtual Christmas Party

This year we celebrated Christmas TOL style – a virtual cooking showdown! It wouldn’t be Christmas without the smell of baked chocolate, roasted nuts and the woodsy fragrance of the fir tree. The team at Geta Ungurean GU prepared with love all the ingredients we needed and Chef Anda Călinici helped us bake an amazing chocolate cake with cocoa icing and hazelnut crumble. We all gave our best and the end result was beyond tasty!

To complete the night in the holiday spirit, we put our crafting skills to the test and decorated a lovely Christmas wreath assisted by our friends at Vow Events. We learned a thing or two about decorations, ornaments and all the work that goes behind the scenes to create the magic of Christmas.

We were so pleased to see all of our colleagues and friends enjoying the bake & craft night and we really believe this brought us all together and kick started a nice and cosy holiday season.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!