A Thank You To All Our Staff

Dear All,

Flavia and I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays!

While 2020 has been a year like no other, we must all acknowledge that we have been part of a historic moment. We observed our world being disrupted like no other technology or crisis has in recent decades. Being in business in these challenging times is incredibly exciting, but also terrifying at the same time. Our start-up spirit, along with our mature and established processes, simple rules of thumb and ability to adapt, helped us to navigate troubled waters like true professionals.

As you’ll recall, we teed off 2020 with the launch of our GHIN products, and it was incredible to see the positive feedback 10 months later at the virtual GHIN Users’ Meeting. The USGA staff, together with their associations, thanked the rockstar development team for launching a practical, modern platform that accurately implements the World Handicap System and delivers it with great user experience.

Tournament Management proved itself to be the most robust platform in the market once again, having had a decisive role in bringing golf back to the course in the USA, Europe and Australia. From digital scorecards to the UK product, and to numerous releases and acquisitions, TMS is the go-to product for all major organisations, with PGA of America and Golf Canada being the latest partners to start using our services in 2021.

From the infrastructure setup to the newest mobile app, the Shop product paved the way with new technology and architecture. Everything we’ve learned in the process is used in developing innovative products in the space of golf registrations and coaching.

2021 will be an exciting year, with substantial growth in headcount and two new product launches in the pipeline. It will not be easy, but we are confident we have the right team and strategy to succeed. In June, it will be 10 years since Flavia and I incorporated the company and it’s nothing short of remarkable what we have all achieved together – a band of engineers, designers and support representatives who truly appreciate software as an art form, working together with determination and conviction to deliver absolutely stellar products to the golf community.

As for New Year Resolutions, if 2020 proved anything, it would be that we can never, ever stay still. Every day is an opportunity to become better at what we do, to ask ourselves if there is room for improvement and what the trade-offs are, to recognise risks early and get help to mitigate and move forward. If there are three things we should be mindful of, I would say:

  1. A teaching and a learning organisation – each and every one of us is committed to growth, to learning through experimentation or formal environments like classes, conferences or tutorials and, most importantly, from one another, by sharing our learnings relentlessly.
  2. Communication and transparency – we are a band of problem solvers. Every day brings a new set of questions, but also a new set of answers, and we are easy to do business with; we continuously talk to customers, be it a support representative, a product manager or a club PGA professional. We appreciate their problems and we help them to achieve their goals; that is our mission.
  3. Have fun – the opportunities ahead are vast, and we should not forget to ride the wave and have fun, as this is the journey of a lifetime.

Thank you for all the hard work and professionalism that is constantly devoted to our growing suite of products. It is amazing to see what a great bunch of people can achieve together.

With all best wishes, Alex & Flavia