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Tools @ Take Off Labs

28 June 2012 by Flavia

Hardware wise, Take Off Labs is 100% Apple. Main development is carried out on various 13’’ MacBookPros, iPads, iPhones and two superb iMacs read more

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Debugging RJS and Airbrake Integration

31 December 2011 by Flavia

Rails offers a neat way of adding ajax calls to HyperText Markup Language elements such as links or forms. All you need to do is add remote: true as option to the link_to or form helpers. This will create a request with js format to the server. Usually, the controller responds to this request by rendering its corresponding javascript view (e.g.,... read more

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Tafel 3

11 December 2011 by Flavia

We are very happy to announce that Tafel3, our favorite Belgian startup, is up and running! Prototyped inside Take Off Labs, Tafel3 offers a beautiful interface which makes seat reservation in premier restaurants as easy as a couple of clicks. Tafel3 describes best their mission: read more

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Pop-Up Notifications in Rails

30 November 2011 by Alex

A lot of websites nowadays display so-called push notifications on certain events. The best example is Facebook, where your browser, even though idle, is constantly receiving a stream of events from the server: like notifications, new messages, friend requests, etc. There is a surprisingly easy and efficient way to implement this on your website... read more