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Rails Internationalization with a Catch

09 May 2014 by Flavia

In one of our projects, we had to create a series of applications which all behave in the same way, but have slightly different wording and branding (e.g., logo, landing page). To go about this, we could either create different applications… read more

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A Hosting Recipe for Heroku and Ruby on Rails

27 March 2013 by Alex

Curious how Take Off Labs handles Ruby on Rails deployments to Heroku? We are now sharing our Heroku getting started strategy in the form of a recipe. read more

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14 March 2013 by Flavia

March was a great month for Take Off Labs. You have probably seen photos and impressions from our event on Sunday. We now have even more exciting news! On March 1st we launched our first own software as a service product, HandicapServer.com. Since we have been working extensively in the golf software business in the past years, we noticed some o... read more

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Take Off Labs Amongst the Sponsors of UBBots 2013

10 March 2013 by Flavia

Today was a great day for my company. We were amongst the sponsors of a student event for the first time! The event was hosted at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, one of the most renowned universities in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering in Romania. Eight teams presented their autonomous robots and did live demos of t... read more

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Including charts in a RoR3 application

16 August 2012 by Alex

Quite often, in pretty much any field, you can end up with large amounts of data that are impossible to accurately appreciate just by looking through it. This is where charts come in. The human brain tends to be able to read and interpret images, such as bar charts or pie charts, quite easily, gaining a quick outlook on the data as a whole. In t... read more

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Smooth scrolling in long pages

13 August 2012 by Alex

The long page effect is becoming more and more popular, as web developers all around the world are starting to see its benefits. One of the most important features of a long page is the smooth scrolling, as it allows the user to get a better view of the website and adds a bit of dynamism. read more

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Rails and iOS - a sample starting setup

11 July 2012 by Alex

Let’s say you want to build an iOS app on top of a Ruby on Rails backend. Here are a few resources to get you started: read more

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Interns @ Take Off Labs

02 July 2012 by Flavia

We are happy to announce the first batch of interns at Take Off Labs started today! Anamaria and Vlad, two Romanian students with strong algorithmic skills joined our company for the summer break to learn how web apps are developed! read more

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Rails: Printing PDFs in the background with Doc Raptor

29 June 2012 by Alex

DocRaptor is a great service that converts HTML to PDF and is also available as a Heroku add-on. The initial integration is straightforward in a Rails app using the docraptor gem. read more