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Events Summary 2017

01 May 2017 by Timea Balazs

This spring our team has been very busy, as we’ve sponsored several events where we presented our internship program and available jobs. The feeling of these events was pretty amazing and it was great to see so much interest in the products we develop. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and the organizers for another fruitful ... read more

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06 July 2016 by Alex

PostgreSQL is a popular SQL database solution that works great with Active Record and supports full-text search. However, full-text search in PostgreSQL uses fairly complex SQL queries. To make this task easy we can take advantage of Active Record’s scopes using a gem called “pg_search”. read more

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Ideas, Products, Innovation - in Cluj-Napoca

16 December 2015 by Flavia

What we did tell the participants and are telling everyone is that entrepreneurship is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Whether you win or not a competition does not matter in the long run as long as you learn as much as you can from each experience. Entrepreneurship is a game of endurance, where the last man standing is the ultimate winner. It i... read more

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2015 - An Eventful Year

24 November 2015 by Timea Balazs

2015 was quite an eventful year for Take Off Labs as we managed to get involved in a few local events and thus give something back to the community. We were among the sponsors and speakers of various Computer Science competitions and the experience was amazing. read more

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Internships at Take Off Labs

03 July 2015 by Alex

Internships are great opportunities to gain valuable experience that will help you through your entire career. They are very helpful in gaining skills and knowledge, making new contacts and building confidence. read more

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Waiting for Background Jobs

30 June 2015 by Alex

There are many situations in web applications where users need to wait for a time-consuming process to finalize. There are countless examples across various domains, but the more common ones are preparing a PDF, importing data from other services or time-consuming calculations. Here is our strategy. read more

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From PDF to Image

18 May 2015 by Alex

There are situations when we want to convert a PDF into a set of images which we can then nicely display on a web page or on mobile devices. In Rails this is quite easy to do, but there a few things you should know. read more


Ruby on Rails - Mandrill Templating System

31 March 2015 by Adrian

Virtually all applications have some form of email notifications. While the messages are usually short, informing users about events, the overall design of the email is a good opportunity to present the company brand. Images such as logos and the copy might change from season to season to reflect the various stages a company is in. Because marke... read more

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Take Off Labs Team Meeting - Episode 1 - Introduction to Scaling Rails

07 November 2014 by Alex

Does Ruby on Rails scale? The short answer is yes. We at Take Off Labs started in October a series of team events discussing the problems and the solutions to scaling Rails apps. As we see our partner startup GolfGenius.com grow in users, traffic and code base, a few things need to be done differently in order to have a reliable and responsive a... read more

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HandicapServer - Your international golf handicap index service

19 October 2014 by Alex

A bit over a year ago we launched Handicap Server, a Ruby on Rails web application which competes in the space of establishing handicap indices for golf players based on their past scores. Handicap Server collects multiple handicap computation methods, which include the official systems used in United States, Canada and the UK. Other formulae ar... read more